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Robert Zaremba (MSc Computer Science) is an IT & blockchain expert. Being a CTO of startups, and working for international companies, he builds products and teams, focuses on delivering and leads by example. Having a solid experience with many projects he is a genuine strategist, advisor and mentor. Today, Robert is actively growing and sharing his knowledge with the community and contributing to thriving projects.

Contact me if you need a help or you would like to work together.

Robert is a specialist. He handles software development and team leading with know how to efficiently implement, facilitate and integrate. Acting as a source of guidance, by putting agile methodologies, metrics and learning in his work manifesto; Robert can improve team and company knowledge, awareness and skills:

Furthermore, by working actively in the community space, Robert helps to design, create, audit and tune smart-contracts and intelligent systems. He is educating and building up the Blockchain community in Geneva. Notable organizations:

Past associations:

You can find more information about me and my past projects at my blog: and LinkedIn page.