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Robert Zaremba is a Software Solution Architect & blockchain expert. Being a CTO of few startups and working for international companies, he builds products and teams, focuses on delivering and leads by example. Having a solid experience with many projects he is a genuine strategist, advisor and mentor. Today, Robert is actively growing and sharing his knowledge with the community and contributing to thriving projects.

My blog:, LinkedIn page and GitHub profile.

I'm building Cosmos SDK based blockchains and NEAR, Ethereum, Algorand smart contracts. My interest is centered around liquidity provisioning and ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) protocols. I'm also a permaculture activist and researching protocols for sustainable economy and environment.

I created Algo Builder - the number one trustworthy framework for Algorand dapps, Algorand Standard Assets, Tokens and Smart Contracts. Within Algo Builder we created various smart contract templates used by community.

Contract Bridge is my favourite game. I developed Precision Meckwell Lite - an easy to play yet powerful version of the RM Precision system.

Few highlights

★ built few layer-1, Cosmos chains ★ architected NEAR NDC Governance system ★ leading and delivering core features for the Cosmos ecosystem, Cosmos SDK release manager ★ won a SIX corporate challenge (proxy voting and confidential transactions) ★ F10 alumni ★ created smart-contracts and oracles for $17.2mio ICO ★ created Algo Builder: #1 framework for developing Algorand smart contracts ★ created a blockchain backed commodity trading system with $5mio pilot trade (reported by S&P Platts and Cointelegraph) ★ designed and developed many applications with smart-contracts (assets tokenization, ricardian contracts, security tokens, supply chains... ) ★ participated and performed significant audits ★ created a contextual matching algorithm for increasing CTR by 20% ★ built the #1 market intelligence system for agri commodity traders being used across the world ★ Co-leading Geneva blockchain community. ★ Serial hackathon winner.

Contact me if you would like to work together.

Robert handles software development and team leading with know how to efficiently implement, facilitate and integrate products, by putting agile methodologies, metrics and learning into his work manifesto:

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